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International Journal of Basic Education
Volume 2, Issue 1
Title Author(s) Article File
Gemeinschaft Concept of Community in Schools: Case Study of Prince George's County Public Schools Peter Pryce 1-9 GEMEINSCAFT CONCEPT OF COMMUNITY IN SCHOOLS, CASE STUDY OF PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS.pdf
Teacher Job Satisfaction: A Myth or Reality Cosmos Kwame Dzikunu 11-22 TEACHER JOB SATISFACTION, A MYTH OR REALITY.pdf
Workplace Counselling: Mission Link to Better Productivity Among Nigerian Employees Amao-Kehinde A.O 23-30 WORKPLACE COUNCELING, MISSING LINK TO BETTER PRODUCTIVITY AMONG NIGERIAN EMPLOYEES.pdf
The Perception of the Distance Education Students of University of Cape Coast About the Quality of Support Services Provided for Their Learning Francis Owusu-Mensah 31-42 THE PERCEPTION OF THE DISTANCE EDUCATION STUDENTS OF UNIVERSITY OF CAPE COAST ABOUT THE QUALITY OF SUPPORT SERVICES PROVIDED FOR THEIR LEARNING.pdf
Community Participation in Basic Education in the Kwabre District of the Ashanti Region of Ghana Kwame Bediako Asare 43-51 COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION IN BASIC EDUCATION IN THE KWABRE DISTRICT OF THE ASHANTI REGION OF GHANA.pdf
The Lived Experience of God and its Evolution in Children: A Case of Montessori School in Cape Coast Mumuni Thompson & Charles Nyarko Annobil 53-61 THE LIVED EXPERIENCE OF GOD AND ITS EVOLUTION IN CHILDREN, A CASE STUDY OF MONTESSORI SCHOOL IN CAPE COAST.pdf
The Reactions of Senior High School Students to Indigenous Moral Values: The Case of Selected Schools in the Central Region of Ghana Mumuni Thompson & Winston Kwame Abroampa 63-70 THE REACTIONS OF SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS TO INDIGENOUS MORAL VALUES, THE CASE OF SELECTED SCHOOLS IN THE CENTRAL REGION OF GHANA.pdf
The Relationship Between National Educational Goals and Those of Relgious and Moral Education: Implications for Educational Policy and Pracitce Charles Nyarko Annobil 71-78 THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL GOALS AND THOSE OF RELIGIOUS AND MORAL EDUCATION, IMPLICATIONS FOR EDUCATIONAL POLICY AND PRACTICE.pdf
Perceived Source of Inter-Conflict for Adolescents in Senior High Schools, Ghana Abomah Peter W. & Daniel Bruce 79-87 PERCEIVED SOURCES OF INTER-CONFLICT FOR ADOLESCENTS IN SENIOR HIGN SCHOOLS, GHANA.pdf
Primary School Teachers Mathematical Conceptions of Cultural Games Michael J. Nabie 99-107 PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHERS MATHEMATICAL CONCEPTIONS OF CULTURAL GAMES.pdf
Methodological Problems of Research in Traditional Music and Its Implication to Primary Education in Ghana Eva Ebeli 109-118 METHODOLOGICAL PROBLEMS OF RESEARCH IN TRADITIONAL MUSIC AND ITS IMPLICATION TO PRIMARY EDUCATION IN GHANA.pdf
Senior School Students' Perception of Difficulty Levels of Christian Religious Studies Syllabus and Associated Factors in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria Okunloye Rotimi William 119-127SENIOR SCHOOL STUDENTS PERCEPTION OF DIFFICULTY LEVELS OF CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS STUDIES SYLLABUS AND ASSOCIATED FACTORS IN ILORIN KWARA STATE NIGERIA.pdf
Teaching Agricultural Science at the Primary School Level of the Basic Education with Appropriate Instructional Media: Essential Parameters Michael Segun Abifarin 129-135 TEACHING AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE AT THE PRIMARY SCHOOL LEVEL OF THE BASIC EDUCATION WITH APPROPRIATE INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA, ESSENTIAL PARAMETERS.pdf