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Special Education Students' Association (SESA)


Special Education Students' Association (SESA) has been a vibrant association on campus for close to fifteen years now. The association is the oldest students association on the UEW campus today.

The association is comprised of students who are perusing EMH - Education of Mentally Retarded, EHI - Education for the Hearing Impaired, EVI - Education for the Visually Impaired as well as Students perusing Rehabilitation. 

The motto for the association is No Child is Ineducable whiles our slogan goes like this - SESA! 'For Humanity' 

The current Head of Department of SPED is an automatic chief patron whiles all other lecturers become Patrons to the association.

The association generates almost all its income from dues that are collected at the beginning of each academic year. Other incomes come from sales of souvenirs and other gifts from philanthropist. 

SESA as part of its social responsibilities embark on annual Outreach programmes in and around the Winneba municipality and it surrounding

The association also has an ICT center where part of the dues collected is channeled towards its management where students do browse for the whole year without extra charges.

Meetings are held at the beginning and end of every semester to deliberate on issues concerning the well-being of members.  

Getting to the end of the semester an annual week celebration is organized where prominent personalities in the area of Special Education are invited to deliver speeches concerning topical issues on Special Education. A Get - together is organized to entertain members after very strenuous academic activities.

After the week celebration, elections are held to elect new executives to hold on to the mantle whiles the outgoing executives prepare to leave their respective seats. 

Again, an excursion is organized to visit a very interesting place after consensus with members at a general meeting. 

Sporting activities are not left out as far as SESA is concerned. Intermittently, the association invites and do accept sports invitations from other associations on campus.